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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us: or by using the chat at the bottom of the page.

Where are your retailers located?

To find the nearest partner, visit our retailers map.

What does G, H and K width means?

G: Equivalent to a D (regular)
H: Equivalent to an E (large)
K: Equivalent to an EE (extra-large)

You will find information about the width of the shoe on the product page of each style in the “Product Features” section. When browsing on the website, the “filter” section on the left side of your screen allows you to shop by width.

How do I take care of my shoes?

Fine leathers need to be protected before they are even worn the first time. We recommend colorless protective cream for the first application in order to preserve the original colour. This will prevent possible stains and dirt from getting too deep into the leather and will be easier to clean up afterwards in case of an issue.

You can use a tinted cream in cases of scratches, as much as possible a non-opaque one to start with. When the water is no longer beading on the shoes, it is time for a new treatment.

We recommend using a protective spray. If the spray is applied properly, the water will bead up on top of the suede. A simple brushing will be sufficient to clean them. When the water stops beading, it is time to reapply a protective coat.

In either case, clean the shoes thoroughly before putting on the spray and make sure the materials are dry before reapplying the product to avoid permanently sealing in existing stains. When in doubt, contact a good cobbler who will give you the best advice for your shoes.

Why can’t I return my shoes if I’ve worn them?

For hygienic reasons, we will not take back shoes that have been worn. By “worn”, we mean having them in your feet for several hours, walking in them, etc. If you simply try them on in your living room after receiving your order to see if the size fits, that does not qualify as “worn”. If you go to a retailer, they won’t take back worn shoes either for hygienic reasons as well.

Why are there no half-sizes?

Our shoes are in European sizes and it is very unusual to find half-sizes.

Are your shoes guaranteed? What’s the lifespan of a shoe?

The warranty is 90 days on manufacturing defects.

The life span of a pair of shoes is not calculated in time, but rather to its use and maintenance. Worn on a regular basis, a shoe should not be worn for more than 2 years.

Here are some variations to consider that will affect the life span of your shoe:

  • Are the shoes used exclusively indoors, outdoors or both?
    • When worn outdoors and indoors, it is important to wipe your shoes when you come inside as there may be debris that will cause small breakage over time
  • Are they worn every day or alternating with another pair?
    • This helps keep your shoes good looking for a longer period of time
  • Are they regularly maintained?
    • As mentioned above, wiping with a small cloth or a neutral colored shine sponge helps maintain your favourite pair

The soles of my shoes are deteriorating, why?

When you buy a pair of shoes and you don’t wear them, they suffer from time wear despite the fact that they are not worn often. The reason for disintegrating soles is that some materials age even worse when they are not used often or not at all. PU (Polyurethane) soles, for example, are more porous and small air bubbles are created inside which then degrade the sole

Other materials can also lose their quality with time, here are some examples:

  • Leather is a very resistant material but could lose its flexibility and its colour over time
  • Cements/glues could lose their adhesive properties
  • Thread could lose its elasticity and break
  • The PU (Polyurethane) sole could crack

Thus, to get the most out of your shoes, wear them regularly!

What should I do if I bought a pair of shoes that turned out to be defective or damaged?

First of all, we are sincerely sorry that you’ve received a damaged pair. Please note that we offer a standard 90-day warranty on manufacturing default. 

Here is what to do if you receive a damaged pair:

  • Please, send us 2 or 3 pics on which it is easy to see the default at 
  • Mention the following information:
    • Your information (name, last name)
    • Style number, colour and size
    • Purchase date
    • Reason for returning
    • Invoice number, if you have it

Check our return policy for more information:


What do the names of the shoe families mean?

Each style has been assigned a family according to its fit. All the styles within a family fit approximately the same way. To find the one that suits you click here:

Where are your shoes made?

Our shoes are meticulously made in Spain, Italy and Portugal by leather craftsmen. Our partnerships are with factories that have the expertise at heart. Our designer creates the collections according to our requirements. Each material is carefully chosen to select only soft, quality leathers to provide you with maximum comfort. Each worker is paid fairly and works in good working conditions.

Delivery and delays

We will gladly ship free of charge to any destination in Canada or the United States* every order over $99.

*Excluding: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands


We usually ship the same day. Delivery time is subject to change according to the area. You will receive an email with the tracking information.

For all other shipping areas, please contact us at or by using the chat box at the bottom of the page.

What is your return policy?

We offer free returns within 30 days.

Here are the step to follow:

  1. Return the shoes in their original packaging (include invoice, Portofino box). The box in which you received your package serves as a return box
  2. Stick the return label included in your package onto the original label
  3. Drop off your package at your nearest drop-off location
  4. Your refund will be processed once we receive your return

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